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The following LINKS are to other interesting, informative and some what related Web Sites.

www.swellsurfcamp.com - This link will take you directly to the Swell Surf Camp website.

www.wetsuitwearhouse.com - This website will give you access to a very large selection of wetsuits and gear.  They ship globally so your location on this planet will not be an issue.

www.birdwell.com - Birdwell Beach Britches - 'Birdie' - The best surf trunks since 1961.

www.realsurf.com - Australia Daily surf reports.

www.surfline.com - Surf reports and surf cams.

www.californiacoastline.org/ - Aerial photos from 1972 to 2004 of the California coast from Baja to Oregon

A nice left in Nicaragua

www.weather.com - The Weather Channel web site.

www.wunderground.com - Marine weather forecasts.

www.earthcam.com - Web cams world wide.

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